How to Measure

Dress Measuring?

Here is how to get your dress measurements

  • Stand up straight with your feet together and both arms lifted
  • Make sure the tape is level when measuring

Measuring Your Bust:

  1. Take the tape around your back
  2. Bring it across your bust at the fullest part
  3. Record measurement

Measuring Your Waist:

  1. Wrap the tape around your waist (located an inch above your belly button or naturally where you curve in when you bend side to side)
  2. Record measurement

Measuring Your Hips:

  1. Loop the tape completely around your buttocks and thighs at the fullest part
  2. Record measurement

Now that you have all three measurements, make sure you match them accordingly--bust-waist-hips (For example: 34.5-26-36).

Extra tips:

  • When measuring over undergarments, keep the tape level and pull it together, but not too tight
  • If you will be wearing special undergarments with your dress, measure over those
  • Most formal dresses run smaller, usually one size smaller than normal clothing. If you are in between sizes, choose the larger one as it is easier to alter a dress than to let it out.
  • And remember, every designer has different size charts. So sizing can vary with every dress