Author: Morgan

  • Review Add on: 31/10/2014
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Did anyone order with the option to "chose your favorite color"?

Author: LIANA

  • Review Add on: 18/09/2013
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Flattering, classy sparkly dress. If anything, runs a little bit big. Although it's low-cut, it didn't show too much cleavage . I've rented quite a few KM dresses now, and although this wasn't my favorite, it was a very pretty dress.

Author: SAMIE

  • Review Add on: 17/08/2013
  • Average Rating:

I loved the sparkle and cut of this dress, but I have an hourglass figure. Even though I wear a size 2, I have a small waist and large hips. This dress made my hips look even bigger. Great for those that need little help in the curves department! Instant hourglass!

Author: kelee

  • Review Add on: 08/07/2013
  • Average Rating:

Amazingly fast. Fabulous deal. Item arrived within 14 days of order.


  • Review Add on: 20/06/2013
  • Average Rating:

This dress shows off a small waist but has plenty of room for a big bust and big hips. Looked great and was comfortable all night.

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